Pricing of aerial photography

It depends on the project!

Every project we work on brings unique challenges and many factors are taken into consideration when we create customized quotes. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula because each client comes to us with bespoke needs in a range of different airspace with specific access or obstacle challenges and when it comes to droning, one size does not fit all.

However, allow us to break down for you what is involved in droning when creating pricing structures and try to get you a ballpark figure.

First, the call out fee.

The call out fee for all realtors and private clients is $115. For commercial properties, it is $250. This secures  services on-site and associated project costs (travel to the location, weather checks, management of air traffic restrictions, preliminary risk assessment of technical challenges or obstacles to avoid on location, assessment of equipment and personnel needed,  insurance as needed and basic post-production in the studio to adjust and edit photos/videos.) It is payable up front at the time of booking and refundable up to 24 hours before the shoot (48 hours for commercial properties).

Then, the project cost

This varies according to the manpower and equipment we will require to complete your job to your satisfaction and starts as low as 15 dollars per photo. We will also consider total shooting time on the job, anticipated post-production time and amount of photos/videos required.

So, what's the ballpark figure?

To give you an idea, if you are a realtor requiring a small number of HD still photos of a single family home and you are within 25 miles of Cherry Hill area, budget around $150 for the job. If you are in the same area but looking for a complete package to include HD photos and a luxurious video of a large multi-million dollar home, you would budget closer to $450

Either way, call us!

In any case, we will be honest with you about our pricing structure and transparent throughout the process. There won't be hidden fees or (bad) surprises.

So, let's get you started...

Call us and ask us your questions. Get to know us and the work that we do. You will be pleasantly surprised and it will be hard to resist working with us... don't say we didn't warn you!