Meet Emily

Hi, I'm Emily Hines, business owner of Buzz My Property


My passion for flight started at 16 years old, when I first jumped off the side of a cliff attached to a paraglider in France. It then ramped up 2 years later when I completed my skydiving license. 


At 18, I deferred my college entry to take a gap year and traveled around, working at a skydiving center in the summer where I completed my first 200 jumps.  I then attended college as planned (in the United Kingdom) but had to have just one more gap year after I graduated, this time to complete a round-the-world backpacking trip, which started with doing several hundred jumps in a number of different continents. 

Several thousands of jumps and one shiny National Skydiving Medal later, I became a qualified pilot flying small aircraft up and down the Hudson, over the Poconos, down to Florida and eventually to Wisconsin for the world’s largest aviation party Oshkosh. 


This in turn opened up more doors and led me to my interest in aerial drone photography and inspired me to create my drone business. 

I think it’s fair to say that all things flight-related are my happy place!

Through my passion for flying, my aim is to run a business with a professional, simple and transparent model which exceeds your expectations. Join me on my journey and allow me to Buzz Your Property!