What we do

Buzz my what?!

That's right, we take aerial drone photos and videos for private and commercial clients. Whether you are a contractor or landscaper who wants before/after photos of your project or a College/School looking to enhance your marketing efforts or website appeal, we will buzz it and tailor it for you! Are you a realtor with some listings to market or a private homeowner looking to gift a unique keepsake for a loved one? 

Where and who?

Operating in the Philadelphia and South Jersey areas, we work with homeowners, realtors and commercial clients to capture the best possible aerial views of your property. Our vision is to deliver a simple yet high quality production at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a high resolution picture for your wall or to beautify your home for an active realty listing we would love to hear from you. 

But why?

Because flying is fun! Because our pilots are passionate about what we do. And simply because our drones can take you to places where your eyes cannot go. Come with us. Grab us by the drone and take us to your home!

Areas we specialize in


Working in partnership with realtors and real estate specialists, we strive to capture aerial drone photos and videos which enhance the beauty of each property and its surroundings so that buyers (local or virtual) can get an accurate view of their potential home

Private Home Ownership

Many people looking for unique or novel gift ideas will turn to us to create a video or beautiful photo of their property. This makes an original and creative keepsake and a life-long memory for your loved ones. 

Commercial Property

Whether you own a car dealership or a small coffee shop, Buzz My Property can showcase your property from the best angle. We work with every type of industry from ski resorts to catering and hospitality. Marketing your product is much easier with outstanding quality aerial photos or videos.


The Educational sector uses drone videos and photos to market its buildings and sports fields to show off the campus. Aerial photography makes virtual tours attractive for its potential students and staff.

Landscapers/Construction Industry

Do you have projects which you want to record from start to finish? Progress tracking? Buzz My Property can create a package which takes snapshots of your work during each phase of its cycle which can be used to enhance your business portfolio or even for insurance purposes or in the event of a client dispute.

Whatever else needs a buzz!

Drones are cool, and the possibilities are endless. You come up with an idea and we'll discuss it with you and buzz it. Your wish is our command!